About Us

We believe that you should have the best chance in getting that casting or audition. The headshot is one of the components in getting you to see a casting director, being put forward for a role, being asked to an audition or casting. We don’t hold you back.

Our service is catered for you to get the best headshots. We will take studio photographs, if you wish we can also take outdoor shots. You can have as many changes as you want. Showing that you have many different looks is a bonus. These days as most things are viewed online and having the ability to put lots of headshots on spotlight, it is important to use photographs that are showing you with a different look. To many actors put similar photos up on spotlight, this does not help there chances.

We will help you achieve a variety of photos. Not just headshots but also photographs that you could use for publicity and Press use.

These are our pledges and what we promise you.
  1. We pledge never to use pressure sales techniques.
  2. When we quote you a price that is all you need to spend.
  3. Any promotions we do are all genuine offers.
  4. We will work hard to make sure that we deliver good customer service.
  5. If we get it wrong we will work with you to rectify our mistakes.
  6. We will openly help and guide you.
  7. We aim to renew, reuse and recycle wherever we can.
  8. We do not use credit agreements, because we only expect you to spend what you can afford.


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